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Triangle Palm Antioch

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The triangle palm Discovery Bay is a tropical to sub tropical tree and don’t do well below freezing. If touched by a frost, some fronds may go yellow or brown and die.
Anything more than a light frost will damage the tree extensively and they will probably die.
These trees thrive in a sandy soil. If necessary just add a bit of sand to your soil on planting.
Make sure it is well drained, so the roots never sit in water.
They can be susceptible to a potassium deficiency. Combat by feeding properly.
Fertilize at least twice a year with a slow release granular or every 3 months with a water soluble palm fertilizer with the appropriate minerals including potassium.

  • Specifics
Plant Type: 
Tropical Tree
Scientific Name: 
Dypsis decaryi
Water Needs: 
Average Water Needs; Water regularly; do not overwater
Foliage Color: 
Flower Color: 
USDA Cold Hardiness Zones: 
9 - 11
15 - 20 Feet
15 - 20 Feet