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Queen Palms Brentwood | Queen Palms Tree Oakley

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The queen palm tree Brentwood a beautiful looking, finer, feather leaf tropical specimen that is quite popular in landscapes all across the southern United States.
Some are growing it successfully outdoors in Las Vegas with some extra protection in winter.
The queen palm tree Oakley is a bit variable in looks and size depending on where it’s grown. It originates from countries in South America like southern Brazil and Argentina.
Its newer leaves on top are quite often a medium to dark green shade with the older lower leaves being almost a dusty silver/green color. The trunk is usually light grey in color.
It gets beautiful long yellow sprays, (up to 5 ft long) of both male and female white flowers.
They will produce a fruit that is generally a medium to deep orange when it’s ripe.
Some say the fruit is edible, although I haven't tried it myself.
The queen palm tree prefers an acid to neutral pH in the soil. It is only slightly drought and salt tolerant.
It is a medium to fast grower that will reward you with an even faster growth rate if fed and watered regularly. If any drought conditions are starting to set up don’t wait to water this tropical beauty, it’s not worth the risk in slowing it down.
They can get an impressive 90 ft tall in it native habitat but will more than likely reach 60ft in landscapes by about 15 feet wide.

  • Specifics
Plant Type: 
Tropical Tree
USDA Cold Hardiness Zones: 
9 to 11
70 Feet
15 Feet