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Pyrus Kawakamii 'Evergreen Pear Tree'

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The Evergreen Pear Tree (Pyrus kawakamii) is prized for its beautiful winter color. It grows moderately from fifteen to thirty feet high with an equal but irregular spread. It has dark green, glossy, oval-shaped leaves with pointed tips and a smooth texture. In late December and January, the foliage turns a beautiful orange-red color. As its leaves drop off, this tree becomes deciduous for a short time. Nevertheless, it is one of the first trees to bloom each year. Around mid February, the evergreen pear tree produces an amazing display of brilliant white, fragrant blossoms. These showy flower clusters have a pungent odor that attracts birds, butterflies and bees. After flowering, it produces pea-sized, bronze colored fruit which is rarely seen and is not edible. Native to the island of Taiwan, the evergreen pear tree adds colorful interest to landscapes here in the desert southwest.

  • Specifics
Plant Type: 
Evergreen Tree
Water Needs: 
Needs regular watering - weekly, or more often in extreme heat
Foliage Color: 
Flower Color: 
Bloom Time: 
Early Spring
USDA Cold Hardiness Zones: 
9 - 11
30 feet
30 feet