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Dodonaea vis. Purpurea Discovery Bay

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The name Dodonaea viscosa 'Purpurea' is a fast growing, evergreen shrub that reaches 12 to 16 ft. tall and nearly as wide. It is more upright when it’s young but spreads out with maturity. It produces narrow bronze-green leaves that are about 4 inches long. The leaves turn purple with cooler weather. Dodonaea v. 'Purpurea' tolerates some shade but the color is more pronounced when it’s grown in full sun. There are small, inconspicuous green flowers growing in clusters during mid-summer. These are followed by brown maple-like seed capsules in late summer. It’s important to provide well drained soil. It is drought tolerant when established but looks best with occasional deep water. It is ideal for use as an accent plant but can be used as an informal hedge or screen. It can be pruned for shape in the fall and winter months. Dodonaea 'Purpurea' is considered a native in the southwestern US and northern Mexico.

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